• Unspoiled Tuscan Landscape. High quality honey can only come from unspoiled lands. Tuscany has 30% of its territory protected by Natural Reserves status.
  • Sundrenched Lands. Ooze in all the strength and happiness of produce naturally harvested in this paradise.
  • Hardworking Ladies Honey is precious. Detect its purity appreciating the rich floral bouquet, which must be rich, precise and distinctive.
  • Hardworking people. Our selected bee keepers work with passion and conscience. Not boosting production with generous feed of liquid glucose to the bees.
  • Il Valentino Honey Range Single origin, Unblended, Raw. Every year different varieties and tastes, accordingly to harvests and seasons.
  • Real Honey on real Bread Food that is alive and singing, full of nutrients and health benefits.
  • Honey on Cheese. What a delight! A stylish, healthy and rewarding way of finishing a dinner.
  • Pollen: great energy booster for hectic lifestyle. With over 35% of protein and all the oligo elements indispensable for life, a miracle food, to say the least.

Honey is a nature’s many miracles. Its quality depends on the quality of the land it is harvest from in terms of biodiversity of floral species and unspoiled ecosystem.

The ethics of a beekeeper also has an impact on the quality,as the production can be easily boosted by generously feeding glucose to the bees, instead of letting them laboriously harvest flowers. "Cheap” honey can only be obtained by interfering with the bees’ natural world.

Our honeys are single origin, from dedicated beekeepers we select personally. It has only been heated a minimum temperatures to preserve all the nutritional qualities

Glasses of Honey on Cake Stand

Health Benefits

Honey’s health benefits are still under study: Honey typical nutrient content includes Glucose, Fructose, Maltose; Vitamins B1, B2, C ,PP, B6, K, Natural; Enzimes: Invertasi, Amilase, Oxidase; Minerals: Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and Copper.

Honey contains 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria which deliver protective and beneficial benefits to the digestive system.

Honey is well known for its anti bacterial, anti viral & anti fungal action. Honey is known to be an effective cough suppressant while at the same time boosting immune system defence.

Glasses of Honey next to yoghurt and a slice of bread


Pollen With a content of over 35% - to 45% Proteins and all the vital elements to support life, pollen is considered a true miracle food.

for vegetarians
for stress and fatigue
for athletes under training
for pregnancy and periods of increased physical demand
depressed moods and lack of energy

Jars of different types of honey

Honey Range

A favourite amongst honeys thanks to its qualities and taste. A light coloured honey, with sweet and delicate aroma, it remains at its liquid state throughout the year. A fine vanilla note would be common. Particularly sweet honey, with no aftertaste. Ideal for sweetening teas and hot drinks

Chestnut Blossom:
A favourite in Tuscany, Produced in the unspoiled natural reserves of Tuscany at altitudes between 500 and 1200m. This honey bears the powerful notes and aromas of Chestnut tree forests, where the bees forage it. Amongst the least sweet honeys, with an astringent note.

Wild Flowers Blossom Honey indicates a category of honeys produced by the bees harvesting a region with a multitude of wild flowers blossoming. Hence each "wild flowers” honey has its own unique identity that varies with territories and season of blossoms. Can vary from a light to a caramel colour. Spring and summer flowers confer a multilayered dimension with a round and agreeable bouquet.